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Many of our Alumni members have taken their WHS education and become leaders in government, industry, and society around the world.  These graduates exemplify "the best traditions of Westville High School" and highlight the world of possibilities awaiting our graduates each year.   

Dr. Les Jardine

 Class of 1963 

     Dr. Leslie J. Jardine is the founder and President of Jardine Consulting.  After graduating from WHS in 1963, Dr. Jardine completed undergraduate studies at Indiana State University in Terre Haute where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry.  Heading west, he continued his formal education at the University of California, Berkley, receiving both a Masters and PhD degree in Nuclear Engineering.  Following school, Dr. Jardine entered a civil service career with the Department of Energy (DOE)  that would ultimately span more than three decades of senior technical work at some of the US's preeminent technical centers of excellence in the national laboratory system.   
     Before retiring in 2006, his 35-year civil service career led him to three DOE National Laboratories: The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, The Argonne National Laboratory, and The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory,  and one commercial engineering company, Bechtel National, Inc.  His expertise spans the full cycle of scientific, applied, and technical management areas of the nuclear fuel cycle including nuclear spectroscopy, nuclear chemistry, low energy nuclear physics, liquid sodium technology, HLW management, pyrochemical reprocessing, geologic repositories, spent fuel storage, nuclear material  transportation and non proliferation, engineering, systems analysis, nuclear weapons manufacturing and excess weapons plutonium disposition.  For the past seven  years, he has provided consulting services for science and technical​ projects based on his 40+ years of nuclear fuel cycle and other technical management experience at the DOE, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), national laboratories, commercial companies, and the Carnegie Endowment Foundation-Moscow and Skolkovo-Moscow.  Dr. Jardine was given the Edward Teller American Nuclear Society (ANS)  Award in 1971, is a 25+ yr member of the ANS, and is a nationally recognized expert on the Russian nuclear fuel cycle. Les and his lovely wife of 52 years, Kathleen (1962 Alumni), reside in Dublin, California near San Francisco where they enjoy spending time with their daughter and two grandsons 

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